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You can find DICOM image viewers in abundance in the market. The ones you have to buy, come with more features and options than those that are free. Today we are going to talk about a DICOM viewer which is one of the most used in the world right now. It’s called OsiriX MD and we are going to discuss why you should use it.

About OsiriX MD

OsiriX MD has an intuitive interactive user interface which provides high performance. It has been changed the whole concept of how to share DICOM images. 15 years of research and development has made OsiriX MD one of the most widely used DICOM viewers in the world. It totally supports the DICOM standard for easy integration in the workflow environment. It provides advanced processing techniques in both 2D and 3D, exclusive 3D and 4D navigation techniques, and total integration with the PACS server.

Made for commercial purposes, OsiriX MD is the most complete edition of OsiriX. It can easily import and display DICOM images from any portable disc, or website. It’s certified and validated for clinical use in medicine by FDA, CE, and ANVISA. OsiriX MD can run only on Apple Mac and it requires at least 6GB of RAM.

2D Features

OsiriX MD comes with an intuitive interface and it supports high-quality interpolation to bring the best rendering, with Retina screens support. Key Images and ROIs can be added on the images and include lines, 3D ball, polygons, etc. to save the images. Convolution filters can also be applied to images, e.g. lung or bone filters.

3D Features

All the modern post-processing techniques are provided by OsiriX MD. For example, Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR), 3D Rendering, e.g. Surface rendering, volume rendering, MIP. It supports curved planar reconstruction in order to follow organs such as bronchi and/or aorta. The 3D reconstructions of the images can be exported as movies and be archived on PACS.

4D Features

OsiriX MD supports 4D images, for instance, cardiac or perfusion acquisitions and parametric images like PET-CT images.

Image Support

OsiriX MD can read and display every type of DICOM files. So regardless of which scan you had, you can view the images using OsiriX MD. It can also read every DICOM field that are associated with the images, e.g. radiation dose, image position, etc. The user can export DICOM image files to portable devices like CDs, DVDs, or USB drives. Since OsiriX MD uses an SQL database for the purpose of storing and indexing all the images, it can manage millions of images without problems. In addition to DICOM image files, it can also support non-DICOM image files as well, e.g. JPEG, MPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, etc.

Other Features and Price

It can connect to PACS server to transfer images and it uses asynchronous reading to display the images immediately. This DICOM software price is $69.99 per month. There is a demo version called OsiriX Lite which you can download and see how it works. Regardless of this DICOM software price, it’s one of the best DICOM image viewers in the world right now.


This image viewer is used by more than 600,000 people over 170 countries. It has enjoyed years of success and is currently one of the most reliable DICOM image viewers for doctors.

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