Why You Should Go to a Barbershop

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Barbershops used to be a thing where guys took frequent visits to the shop for a proper haircut and clean shave. The demands of barbershop started to dwindle in 1904 when Gillette began marketing safety razors. This caught the public attention by large, and guys chose the razor over barbershops. During the 1960s, when the hippie culture took over the US, a barber’s need declined even more. At that time, all the singers and actors kept their hair down, and the masses followed the trend. In the 80s, when the short haircut arrived with a bang, unfortunately, men didn’t arrive in the shops. Instead, they opt for a modern version of barbers known as salons. Now, barbers need to issue a license before starting work in salons. That was pretty much the story of how the barbershop became a rarity.

Things in this era have changed. Men need grooming, and they are more welcoming about the idea. The salons gained popularity amongst every gender. Now, they aren’t just barbers; they are professional hairdressers or hairstylists. Posh name, right? Hairdressers these days are more advanced and a pro at cutting their clients’ hair. Some hairstyles can’t be done at home, and for that, you need a professional barber. That’s why the hair cutting business is flourishing once again. If you haven’t gone to any barbershop, were you living under a rock? But never matter the cause, this article will tell you why you should go to a barbershop. You can type best barber shop near me to locate a best salon in order to get best service.

A barber can cut and style your hair more efficiently

A barber knows how to cut and trim a man’s hair. If you ever visited those crappy and cheap salons like Supercuts, you probably had the hideous looking hair, no offence. The reason I say so because the people who work at salons are not trained like barbers are. They can only give you a basic haircut because they aren’t trained in haircuts, they are cosmetologists, and there’s a vast difference. Here’s the thing, a barber is trained to cut hair using clippers, and the stylist uses scissors and shears to cut your hair. If you are used to getting your hair cut using clippers, you will probably be disappointed with the salon stylist.

You can get a great shave

If you haven’t been to a barbershop before, then you won’t understand the comfort it gives during a shave. Comfort is an understatement, to be honest. Sitting on an old but plushie barber chair while the barber is apply shaving foam and using the single blade razor is a heavenly feel. The coldness of the tool, the blade’s motion, makes your shave very enjoyable and relaxing. Then come the aftershave lotions and massage; those two might be the only reason why guys come to barbershops. You can’t massage your face as a barber does, trust me on that. The skin treatment of placing a warm towel on your face opens up your pores, and you feel more energized. So, don’t worry if you fall asleep while getting a shave! Bonus, you smell celestial after the shave is done!

So, yeah, these are two reasons why people still get a shave. It’s a great way of relaxation if this made you interested in going and trying a barbershop, type barber shop near me to locate a barbershop near you.

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